Importance of Education in our Life and Society

“Pen is mightier than the Sword” Edward Bulwer-Lytton

One of the famous quotes from old days is the best one that reminds us every time on the Importance of Education.

Why do you think parents are investing their whole savings for their Child’s education? Why have Governments all over the World started to invest more than ever before on educating their citizens? When you go for a Job interview, why employee checks your Education profile first before proceeding with Viva? With all this phenomenon, it clearly explains the value and reasons why education is important. 

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Before getting into the facts why education is important, let us understand the basic meaning of education first.

What is education?

Many of us mistake that the education is all about going to School and Graduating with a major. With that notion, everyone thinks that passing with good marks and attending a good university means a well-educated person. But everyone is wrong at this point, what we learn in School, and the knowledge that we get from pursuing a major in University are just basics of education. And it does not decide how well educated you are.

Let me ask you a brainstorming question.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, he did not have a Graduation certificate when he created Facebook.

Thomas Edison, one of the most famous scientist dropped School before inventing the electric bulb.

Can we call them un-educated as they did not attend School and did not graduate from University?

So education does not mean attending School and graduating from the university. To understand the importance of education, we should know the basic meaning of education first.

According to Wikipedia on Education.

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research.

According to Oxford Dictionary.

Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.

With this, it clearly tells us the real meaning of education. So if you are here in search of getting the answers on why is education so important, then we need to stop thinking that education is just attending Schools and University.

But the fact is, with education, we should be able to think differently, do differently, work differently and achieve differently. Your mind, skills, and techniques should be enhanced with education.

Don’t just study for the sake of passing the exams and getting good marks, instead set out your life and take every challenge to learn new things and develop new skills every day.

Former President, Barrack Obama on importance of education

Without further ado, let us get into why education is important in today’s society.

Importance of Education

1. Builds up confidence in life

First and the most important one among the importance of education, it helps us build self-confidence in life.

Just imagine yourself, giving a presentation for thousands of audience. If you have plenty of skills, knowledge, and experience, you will have confidence and you can deliver your content easily and satisfyingly. And on the other hand, what if you don’t have

And on the other hand, what if you don’t have adequate skills, knowledge, and experience. You will feel uneasiness, you will feel nervousness and you will face extreme difficulty in delivering your presentation to the Audience.

2. To lead Happy and Stable Life

When does our life become stable and happier? It does, after getting a decent job, getting a decent salary, able to buy whatever you need and ability to lead a stable family.

But will you get, what you need if you are not well educated? Lesser chances right?

With education, a person becomes wiser, will be generous and happy, able to get a better-salaried job, will be able to lead a stable family, will be able to help parents and friends, which in turn leads to happiness and stability of the life. That is one the importance of education.

3. Become an Independent Person

I am sure, in your life, you must have come across someone asking for a navigation, or dial a number or at least read a letter for them. Who are they, and why they have come to you with that? Obviously, they are uneducated and not able to read which is important for them and in life. They always have to depend on others.

But, by educating your self, you don’t have to depend on others. You can do almost everything by yourself through reading guides and resources. You can do all the daily living activities all by yourself.

In today’s life, where everything is navigated with text, it becomes extremely important for us to realize the importance of education in life and reach home safely without getting lost on the way.

4. Education creates a better leader of tomorrow

One of the most important points on the importance of education is, it creates a better leader of tomorrow.

Importance of education in creating better leader

Imagine yourself living in a country lead by a well educated, wise and passionate leader.

Again imagine yourself living in a country lead by un-educated, corrupted and helpless leader.

What do you think, it would be pleasant to live? Definitely under a leader who is well educated. He/she would be more exposed, able to take a better decision, able help and understand needy citizens and he/she would be knowledgeable in bringing development to the country.

So educating children, who are the leaders of our future, can help in creating better leader of tomorrow. This is one of the important points on the importance of education.

5. Education is directly related to economic growth of the nation

It is simple to understand this, more educated people means more contributor for the economic growth of the nation.

Let us quickly compare developed countries vs the developing countries.

Under Developed Country

Sl. No.CountryLiteracy Rate

Developed Country

Sl. No.CountryLiteracy Rate
1United States99%
2United Kingdom99%

Source: Index Mundi

By looking at the literacy rate of the country and category of developed and underdeveloped country, we can clearly figure out the importance of education in relation to the economic growth of the nation.

6. Earn More Money

Whether you work as a Civil Servant, or in a private company, or working on your own company, more education means more chances of making more money.

For example, I work in one of the Hospitals as Physical Therapist, but I write books on various topics which I have learned and received training. With that, I am able to make extra cash out of my writings, which means I am earning more money. So, learn as much as you can, implement it, find different ways you can earn money through your education and knowledge.

Not only with that, even if you set up yourself to go for a job, you will get high salary job only if you have a decent education. They would hire you instantly without compromising the salary if you have great skills and knowledge.

So if you want to earn more money and have an enjoyable and comfortable life, then you should consider the importance of education.

7. Get Enlightenment

More knowledge you gain, wiser you become. And you will have ideas on different topics and will be able to take a better decision, think better, and able to provide new knowledge. Importantly, it helps to improve your mind.

If you believe in education and its importance and receive more education in your life, it would contribute to attaining enlightenment in your life in different topics.

8. Develop New Skills

When did you learn or develop new skills?

After spending your time in learning and educating yourself, right?

Recently, I started to learn and get an education online on Photography. That helped me to develop new skills on photography.

9. Communicate Better

When do you feel comfortable or can raise your voice effortlessly?

Picture it; You are attending a meeting on a topic that you have no idea. Will you be able to speak, involved in the discussions and raise your voice? On the other way round, if you have plenty of knowledge, have a good education, you will be able to speak and involved in the discussion better, which can enhance your communication skills with others.

So, one of the importance of education is to communicate better.

10. Avoid from getting cheated/ fooled

In this era, it is hard to find an honest person, who is ready to help and every ready give us the right direction and resources. Everyone instead takes it as a competition and threat in their survival, so they cheat, they don’t give right direction, they do not give correct information, they don’t provide the required resources. Instead, they take every chance to fool us and fraud us.

And to be left uneducated means, chances of getting fooled more as they would take the advantages.

But if we are educated, we can use our knowledge and ideas and don’t have to depend on others. We can read maps and street signs to get the directions, we can refer to the resources available online and get help, we can cross-check to ensure that they are not fraud. Which in turn, we can avoid from getting cheated/ fooled.

11. Can work anywhere

If you have education, you can work anywhere you want.

For example, even if you want to work as a dishwasher, or cleaner or any blue color job overseas, no matter what they will always check whether you can speak English or not, how well educated you are, and how much knowledge you have. Though it is not related to the work, what to do, if you want to work overseas, you need a good education profile.

But a good point is if you have taken seriously on the importance of education, and have a good qualification, man, you can go anywhere and work anywhere. Nobody gonna stops you or limit you.

12. Produces good citizens.

Local governments, National governments, and international organizations, in fact, every lawmaker are into investments and development of education. They first give prioritization to education.

This is because, if every citizen gets a proper education, everyone would think differently, bring creativity which would help to develop the country, improve the socio-economic status of the country, create more jobs, reduce poverty and at the end, it helps to produce good citizens.

13. We can make more friends.

Let us make a quick comparison, who is your topper of your class? And who is your classmate who fails most of the time? Whom do you like to hang out most, and who has more friends. Obviously the topper of your class, right? That actually points out the importance of education.

Whether you are a student or working in an office, try to learn as much as you can, gain knowledge, show difference and you will land up with more friends.

14. Change the World and make a difference.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

As the mighty Nelson Mandela has said in his quotes, on the importance of education and how it can help to change the world and make a difference.

With education and knowledge as your background, you can raise your voice, seek for justice, and make a difference in living and change the world.

15. Stronger relationship among Nations

Though wars are still going on in parts of the world, look at the better parts. The relationship that they share with the neighbor, and how stronger it is becoming each year. The best example we can give is, the relationship between India and Bhutan, which is considered as the role model for other Nations. We should all thank education.

16. Become self-aware

Importance of Education self-aware

Thousands of years ago, Buddha studied, meditated and gained full knowledge of the four noble truth. He became aware of self like no one else ever could achieve to that point.

Therefore, to be able to become self-aware, you need to learn, develop new skills, and show interest in the importance of education.

17. Improve judgment and reasoning.

With more education and knowledge you have, you will be able to make decisions faster and better, able to think from a different angle, and you will be able to give better and improved judgments and reasons.

18. Earn respect in society

If you are a well-educated person, your decision will be wiser, you will have better solutions and ideas, you will be able to make a better life for the people living in our society, which in turn you will earn respect for the life that you have given to them.

You don’t need to go very far to know about this fact on the importance of education, just look and compare between two people in your village. The one who is well educated, and the one who does not respect and is uneducated, who earns better respect in society? Well, you have the answers.

19. Able to help others

Whenever a person comes to you for help, you will be able to provide help instantly, as you have knowledge in it, you will be able to think differently for them, and provide them with better solutions and ideas.

20. Live a better life

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”

So by getting a proper education, you will be able to decide which is wrong and which is right. It will help you to choose the right direction, it will make you a better person and will help you to live a better life.

Not only with that, with a better job, able to make money, work anywhere, and all the points mentioned above on importance of education will lead you to live with better life.


To end, most important thing that you need to do is feel, share and convey the message to the people on the importance of education. Help people to understand about education, and give every child their rights to learn and go to school to a get proper education.

Whether you are searching for your speech or randomly want to know about the importance of education, I have mentioned all the points that you need to know. If you have any additional points or want to discuss further, you can comment below, so that we can make this article even more resourceful.

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