Episode 1 – Prophecy in Dream

Dechen rushed towards her home after her Office as if she had a flight to catch from her room.

She could not believe that she is going to get married next month.

Still, in her brown office trousers and light blue shirt, she locked herself in her bathroom to cry out the uneasy feelings of her marriage.

Her beautiful smile which sparks everyone was hiding today.

“Everything is in a dream. I just have to wake up” she said to herself and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

She then closed her eyes and splashed the chilling water on her face to wake up from her nightmare.

The cold water on her light brown face activated her facial nerves.

She slowly opened her eyes with the thought she is finally awake from a miserable dream.

Instead, she got reminded with a fully aroused mind that she is going to get married next month.

She could not tolerate anymore and broke down into tears.

“I am not ready right now, why don’t they understand me? Why do they want me to be in hell when I am living?” She cursed her parents.

She was born to a middle-class family. Her Dad, Pema ensured they get everything they need. Nutritious food, new clothes every holiday, a blanket to stay warm on cold nights, a roof to live under it.

He worked hard every day to raise enough money so that his family lives happily and healthily.

“We are a proud family, Dechen” her Dad reminded her every day.

“Proud family, proud family” her Dad’s voice echoed in her ears.

She was still looking at her sad face in the mirror.

She turned around and imagined someone, sharing her towels, comb, slippers, kitchen, bathroom, and her bed. Waiting for someone to drink tea and to eat dinner together. And living with a man.

“How can I manage that?”

Dechen could not resist the feeling of a life living with a man. She just likes to be alone and independent.

“Dad, I know you have been working hard for our family and you gave me everything that I needed. But getting married next month is not what I expected at the moment.”

“I jus…. Just…. Just don’t want to get married that soon. I am only 23 and I have so much to do” she covered her face in tears once again.

“I need a nap”

She walked out of the bathroom towards her bed. Her feet were trembling and was feeling tipsy with a heavy heart.

She was drunk with the pain from unexceptional changes in life that she is going to face soon.

With the tears in her eyes and pain in her heart, she got inside the bed and wished to never wake up again.

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