Episode 2 – Prophecy in Dream

Forcing her to sleep made her more awake. She could not think of anything else but the ceremony next month that is going to ruin her dream.

“Should I drink a cup of coffee?”

“No, No… Coffee will make me stay awake” She was in Dilemma whether to drink coffee or take a nap to get rid of her burning pain.

Black coffee was her favorite drink in college. It made her stay awake so that she can study more. It made her do better in exams and finally get a job she aimed for.

So whenever she felt low, black coffee always managed to cheer her up. But not this time. She did not even have the mood for coffee for the first time.

“Why am I not having the coffee mood today? Has my life already changed? Has my dream started to shatter? Does it mean my dream will be just a dream?”

Dechen was a hard-working student. She dedicated her life fully to her studies.

When her roommates were out on a date, she dated with the biggest book in the library.

When her friends drank Vodka, she drank coffee.

She sat quietly in the night library when her best friend was screaming and banging her head with the loud music in a club.

No fun at all if she were an ordinary person. But she was an extraordinary person.

Reading the largest book in the library was fun for her, being alone in a quiet place was fun, drinking coffee was fun, getting excellent in all the exams was fun and getting a decent job was fun at the end.

She works as a marketing officer in one of the biggest IT company in the country.

Anyone of her age would be satisfied with the position she holds in that company, but she was not. She wanted to grow and get promoted soon. She wanted to work hard, fully dedicate and concentrate on her work so that her dream of becoming the Chief Marketing Officer gets fulfilled within a year.

But she is going to get married next month.

“My responsibilities at home will be increased. I will have more work at home. I won’t be able to do office work at home. I won’t be able to concentrate on my work. Unexpected changes in my life will surely impact my dream, and I will never be promoted as chief marketing officer.”

She could not take a nap. She turned to the left and then to the right but no sleep.

“Congratulations Ms. Dechen, you have been promoted to a Chief Marketing Officer.”

“Ms. Dechen you have a meeting with CEO on your new marketing ideas.”

“Brillant Dechen, great presentation and your strategy will surely improve the company’s sale.”

“Round of applause everyone, for our new Chief.”

She tried to dream her dream but an image of her marriage next month always interrupted.

“I will never have my dream come true,” She thought.

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