Episode 3 – Prophecy in Dream



Her door buzzer buzzed.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Tshomo.”

Dechen painted her face with her beautiful smile. But it was like painting gold on a rusted metal.

“What took you so long?” Tshomo asked. Dechen sensed an excitement in Tshomo’s face.

“Oh sorry! I fell asleep.” Dechen made an excuse.

“Never mind. Congratulations, you are getting married.”

Next moment, Tshomo was lying on the floor with a nosebleed. Dechen punched her on the nose. Then she dragged her to the kitchen by holding Tshomo’s hair. Picked up a 15 CM long, black-handled knife and stabbed Tshomo 10 times on her back. Tshomo was there on the floor heavily bleeding and dead.

“Hello, are you listening to me?” Tshomo asked.

“Yes, I am. Thanks”

“Uhhhh…. So cute. Are you dreaming of him already?”

“No, I am dreaming of you on the kitchen floor with the knife at your back.” Dechen wished she said that.

“No way” Instead Dechen pretended to be shy.

“Soooooooo cuteeeeeee, you guys are going to be great.”

She added the bonus, ten more stabs on her back. The Kitchen floor became bloody red and wet. Tommy, Dechen’s cat, was licking the blood on the floor and enjoying the taste of Blood.

“Not again” Dechen quickly switched back to reality from her deadly murder imagination.

“Did you tell him about your plan?” Tshomo asked Dechen shakily as if she has known about the murder imagination.

Dechen had completely forgotten about the plan.

“Nope, I forgot,” Dechen answered.

“Will he listen to you? Will he let you go with your plan?” Tshomo was still shaky.

“I don’t know, what’s the point after all? I am getting married next month, and it won’t be possible at all to go with my plan. Forget about the plan; I won’t be even able to work and let my dream come true.”

Tshomo finally felt the pain Dechen was going through inside.

“You should at least try. He might understand.”

“He won’t for sure. He will have other plans. To have kids, build a house, settle down.”

“That’s bad.” Tshomo felt sorry for Dechen.

“Did you come here to remind me about my plan? To make me sadder?” Dechen said silently in her mind.

Her dream, and now her plan will never come to reality.

“Did you see him? Your dad’s choice is not bad huh!” Tshomo tried to tease and cheer Dechen.

“I don’t want to see him. I haven’t even talked. I just exchanged some messages.”

“What? Are you kidding me? You are getting married next month, and you haven’t talked with him. It is like marrying to a stranger.” Tshomo was worried for Dechen.

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