Episode 4 – Prophecy in Dream

“Bye Dechen, take care and congrats.” And Tshomo left.

Nothing was helping to cheer her up. Every try she made was indeed making her worst.

“Ah…. What should I do?”

“If I don’t act now, it will be too late.” Dechen talked to herself.

“I wish someone can hear me”

But it was only the walls of her room who heard and answered silently.

“I need to do something about it”

She imagined the murder scene again, but instead of Tshomo, it was her fiancee Sonam.

The next moment she was in jail. “Ah, not a good idea.”

Another thought.

“I will tell Dad, that Sonam is a cheater. Maybe I will ask Tshomo to flirt with him and set up a situation of catching him red-handed.”

“But if he finds, we are dead meat.”

Bad idea again.

She could not think of anything further other than banging her head on the silent walls which were listening and answering silently.

“I think I should talk to Dad instead.” She felt better as if it was the cure she was waiting for.

“He is my Dad, after all, he will surely understand me.”

She thought there is no harm in trying and would make her feel better rather than living in regrets for decades.

Dechen decided to visit her Dad personally. “It will be difficult to convince over phone”

She quickly took a shower which made her even better but kept on praying and wishing to god. “Please say Okay, Dad.”

After few minutes she was out on the streets towards the bus station which was few steps away from her apartment.

Her hair was still wet and she was wearing a woolen brown sweater with faded blue jeans which matched with her eyes. As usual, she carried her regular red backpack which carries all her necessary tools that keeps her beautiful.

She walked faster than her normal speed and reached the bus station.

She bought a ticket and was finally on the way home.

Usually, she feels an excitement and happy but it was different this time, it was a mixture of happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, and worries.

She was on the way to meet dad, and tell him that she is not going to marry.

To tell him to cancel all the wedding preparations and to tell him that half-completed preparations for the wedding are wasted.

Finally to let her Dad go through the pain and shatter the dream of her daughter getting married, and to make him realize that her dreams are important than her Dad.

She knew she is going to hurt her dad and decided to cancel the whole idea of going home to meet dad.

“I think that is a bad idea as well.” She thought and wanted to go back to her apartment but the bus was already on its way.

Stay tuned for next episode.

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