Episode 5 – Prophecy in Dream

“Hello Miss” we are about to reach. A bus conductor tried to wake up Dechen, but no response. She was dead.

The bus conductor tabbed on her shoulder.

“Hello Miss, Wake up. We are here” louder this time.

Dechen slowly opened her eyes and got frightened from the loud voice. She would have slapped her in fright if she did not realize sooner that she is on a bus towards her home with a mission.

“Oh, sorry! Thanks.” Dechen Responded.

She turned around and saw many strangers staring at her.

“What did I do?” she thought. “Hope I didn’t do anything in my sleep?”

On the other hand, all passengers on the bus took a sigh of relief, she is alive and not dead.

Dechen fell a sleep the entire journey as she hasn’t slept last night. She slept like a dead person the entire journey and everyone would have placed a bet that she was dead.

Dechen stretched her stiff body a bit and looked out the window. It was green and fresh. She opened the window and let the cool breeze touch her face.

Her hair danced with the rhythm of the breeze, and she closed her eyes to listen to the music of nature. The soothing sound of the countryside made her forget that she was going to get married soon and all her dreams gonna be shattered. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly. She then carefully looked outside to enjoy the silent serenity of the countryside paddy fields.

“Wait a minute. Hello Mister.” She called the Bus conductor.

“Where the hell am I? Where are you taking me? Why am I here? HELP HELP” she shouted with fear. All the passengers on the bus stared at her as if they saw a Mental patient.

“You are about to reach Mandula. Please check your ticket.” The bus conductor answered angrily.

She quickly took out her ticket from her red backpack. The conductor was right, “Seat number 7B, To Mandula.”

“Did I ask the wrong ticket? Or did the woman in the counter heard wrong?” She tried to recall the bus terminal in the morning but all she could remember was her sleepy eyes, yawn and getting inside the bus. But she could not remember the ticket she asked for.

She was on the wrong bus towards the wrong direction, Mandula, a place where she has never been to or heard of.

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