“You are wrong” If you think Money can’t buy happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness

Yes you heard it right and it’s a shout out, “You are wrong” if you think that money can’t buy happiness. But I don’t mean that the nearest shop in your city has started selling happiness.

To begin; let’s get back to the concept of getting rich. Ask yourself “Why do you want to get rich?” To buy Samsung Galaxy S8+? To travel around the world? Dine in 5 stars hotel? To drive your own luxurious car? That’s the basic concept that everyone has for what it meant by Getting Rich. If that is the case then you are right, you can’t buy happiness with your money.

But if you are thinking of purchasing happiness with your money, you need to take the scenario differently.

The research by Zurich University which was accepted on 12 May 2017 published on Nature.com was interesting. They divided participants into two groups (25 each). One group was asked to spend 25 Swiss francs a week on gifts or outings for other people, and the second group was asked to spend it on themselves.

Then they were subjectively and clinically assessed, and guess what was found? The group who was spending 25 Swiss francs generously on gifts or outing for other people were happier. The temporo-parietal junction and the ventral striatum (parts of the brain which is related to happiness) was more activated in MRI scan.

It has turned out that, we can buy happiness with money by being generous to others rather than buying for yourself. So if you are thinking of buying happiness by getting rich, don’t buy latest iPhone or house or cars. Spend on your friends, family, and everyone around you who are in need.

Keeping this in mind, set out yourself to shop happiness with the money that you have. Following are few things that you can do.

1. Donate money for Constructing Stupas, Temples, and statues. Those spiritual monuments will beautify the environment, preserve the dharma and bring peace and prosperity to all the sentient beings.

2. Give clothes and blankets to the children from remote villages.

3. Sponsor a child to go to School.

4. Send flowers to Cancer patients.

5. Buy dinner for an old person, who can no longer work.

6. Take a beggar to a Restaurant.

7. Buy a house for the homeless people.

8. Donate to relieve those affected by Natural Calamities.

Don’t hold back thinking that money can’t buy happiness. Instead, go along with your life, be patient, work hard to get rich, make money as much as you can but don’t forget to be generous and help others. Otherwise, there is no meaning to get rich and you will never ever able to buy happiness with your money.