Why Shopping Online is Totally Safe


Millions of items are available at international online shopping sites like Aliexpress. That too at a cheaper rate and items which are not available in Thimphu City yet.

But should I buy?

If you ask this question to your friend, I am sure you will get the answer “Online Shopping is risky. What if the item does not reach?”

This can fire up your anticipation of online shopping or let your dream remain as a dream only.

It’s okay guys, I know what’s in your mind at the moment. I have been there. But now I am a happy customer of Aliexpress.

So today in this very first article of ThimphuShoppers.com, I am going to share why buying online from AliExpress or other shopping site is completely risk-free.

Following are the reasons:

1. My Personal Experience

I am a guy, probably the first in Bhutan (Maybe Not) to try out Aliexpress. It was two years back.

Right after getting my credit card, I ordered an item worth of $20. It was free shipping and the item was located somewhere in China. After few hours, I received a message saying that my item is being shipped. And the expected delivery was less than 35 days.

I took granted that it was just a fraud and I have wasted my hard earned $20.

Weeks passed and I almost forgot about my order. I received a call from Bhutan Post and informed me that I got a parcel.

I was confused and wondered who would send me a parcel. Upon reaching Bhutan Post, when they handed me a well-packaged item with the name Aliexpress on it. I was shocked and in fact, I felt a joy in my heart.

From that day till today, I have been shopping from Aliexpress and even my friends started as well. This year is my third year as a happy customer of Aliexpress.

2. AliExpress international terms and conditions

Aliexpress is the largest shopping site in the world after Amazon. They are ruled by international Custom and Revenue, International Quality checkers and all the items are being quality assured by the terms and conditions.

As being an international company, they assure that all items are prechecked, properly packaged with safety measures in it and make sure that items reach the destination. So don’t have to worry about anything, your single complaint against them can damage their reputation and penalized by international lawmakers. Therefore, it’s a risk-free thing.

3. Trusted by Billions around the world

Almost from all the countries in the world, they shop from Aliexpress. Be it young or old, expensive items or cheap billions of items are being purchased and shipped from Aliexpress.

If you visit the site, you can see a lot of comments and reviews. Those are also just like me, a happy customer.

4. Instant messaging system.

Each item has a different seller. If you choose any product, you can see an option to contact the seller. Here you can directly message the sellers, discuss the sizes, their shipping methods and whatever question you ask, they answer it.

What’s more fascinating is, all the sellers can understand and write English. But of course, don’t expect them to reply to a guy from the United States.


If you are out there somewhere in Bhutan, who want to order online. Don’t be afraid, I have been doing it from past two years and it is totally risk-free. If you are still not convinced, try it yourself. Order something cheap of $5 worth, I can guarantee, you will order more next time.

I hope this article helped you to clarify the doubts. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment or message me on Facebook or through this website. I will be glad to help and assist you.

5 Reasons to start shopping online from AliExpress

5 Reasons to start shopping online from AliExpress

She loves me, She loves me not.

She loves me, she loves me not.

Stop playing the guessing game to decide whether you should shop online or get it from Thimphu City. It is confusing and takes a hell lot of time to decide if you haven’t done it before. But once you start shopping online, I can guarantee that you will never stop it.

In this post, I am going to explain why shopping online is better.

Disclaimer: This is not a promotion for Aliexpress, it is just a mere assumptions and fiction work of the Author. The Author does not take any responsibilities of any mishaps.

5 Reasons to start shopping online from AliExpress

1. It is cheaper

Most of the items are free shipping first of all and it is up to 50% cheaper than in the market.

Just imagine, buying at the rate of 50% cheaper, you can either buy more clothes or save your money.

2. More options

It is so embarrassing to come across someone wearing the same shirt like yours. Of course, it is not your fault but due to the lack of options to choose from and a limited number of shops.

Thus, landing up buying the same shirt from the same shop.

You don’t have to go through that anymore, Online shopping from Aliexpress.com has more than a million shops and items. Be it for your baby child, or for yourself, or for your parents and no matter the quality and sizes, you can get it there.

3. Need not have to Bargain

It is well and good if the seller gives you the discount when you ask for the first time, or for the second time. But if they deny it, it’s embarrassing first of all and I am sure you don’t like the look they give it to you.

Well, you don’t have to bargain at all in online sites, the rates of the items are already at wholesale or they directly sell right from the factory.

4. It’s Convenient

How convenient and easy it is to shop right from your smartphone or computer with your finger clicking on the buy button.

Don’t have to go door to door in search of a shirt, or show the frustration over the weather for stopping you from shopping.

Being an online shopper, I always feel my shop is right inside my pocket and with me wherever I go. It is so convenient and moreover, I can save time to spend with my family.

5. Good communication with sellers

It is annoying when the shop keeper does not respond to you when you ask the price or ask anything related to the product. But you don’t have to go through that while shopping online.

You can ask anything and the seller always has the answer for you as soon as they receive the message in a polite way and fulfilling all the answer that you are looking for.

Wrap Up!

These are the 5 reasons why you should start shopping online. I have enjoyed and never been my life easier. What are you waiting for? Be SMART, shop online.

The untold story of chewing Betel Nuts (Doma Khamtog)

The untold story of chewing Betel Nuts (Doma Khamtog)

Do you chew Betel Nuts and lime, wrapped with a Betel Leaf?

If you are from South East Asian like me, then probably you must be. Especially in a country like Bhutan, chewing Betel Nuts, commonly known as Doma Khamtog is very much popular.

Anyway, this isn’t my point today.

As usual, I was chit chatting and sharing Doma Khamtog with my friends after lunch. And suddenly, one of my friends asked, do you know the story about chewing Doma Khamtog?

“Is there even a story on Betel Nuts?” I asked.

“Yes there is,” he said.

And the story he narrated shocked me and I have made up my mind that I am quitting from today. (Well hopefully though, I am so addicted to it).

The story goes like this.

“Long time ago, we use to eat human flesh. It was in the era when evils and demons have ruled and influenced us. In the hunt of human flesh, humans have slaughtered each other and they did not even spare their own children.

The God pitied upon watching us. And he decided to come down on earth with a solution.

Guess what was the solution? It was chewing betel nuts and leaf with a lime.

Betel Nuts to replace Bones.

Betel Leaf to replace flesh and skin.

And lime as a fat of the human body.

Upon chewing all of it together, the red juice is formed and it was to replace the blood. Thus the human slaughter was stopped.” He said.

Are you kidding me? Have I been eating human flesh replacements all the time?

I am not sure, what should I call it? A bad day as I enjoy chewing Doma Khamtog or is it a good day as I can take care of my health.

Yes, that’s right, chewing Betel nuts has been the major cause for oral Cancer in south east Asia. So if you are out there, consuming heavily just like me, you are at the right time to STOP.

Keep in mind that, whenever you chew Doma, you are doing it to calm your desire to eat human flesh.

Stay safe, take good care of your health and no more Chewing Betel Nuts/ Doma Khamtog.

5 Reasons Why is online shopping cheaper?

Why online shopping is cheaper

Often, we get drowned with questions, Why online shopping is cheaper? Are the products duplicate and low-quality one? Or is it fake and you will never get your orders?

I know it is a bit of challenging and scary to try online shopping for the first time. And till we get the products, we stay worried about our money. Of course, we all need to be worried coz we are paying 50% lesser than the local market.

Now you got your products, fully satisfied and original. Still, I know you will wonder Why it is cheaper?

Well here are your answers.

1. Deals directly with Factory

Let’s begin with a story.

Ap Samdrup has a cloth Factory. He produces fashionable jeans priced at Nu. 400. He keeps Nu. 100 profits and supplies to Ap Sangay’s Factory outlet. Now the jeans price is Nu. 500.

Ap Sangay keeps Nu. 100 profit for each jeans and distribute to Ap Dorji who is a wholesale dealer. The price of jeans becomes Nu. 600.

Ap Dorji (Wholesale dealer) sells to Aum Choki’s shop at Nu. 700. And Aum

And Aum Choki will keep another Nu. 100 profit and sell to you at Nu. 800.

That’s 50% more than the actual price.

Now let me tell you the other story.

Ap Samdrup joined Aliexpress (Online shopping site), you saw his Jeans online and ordered.

Ap Samdrup will directly send it to you by simply keeping Nu. 100 profit.

That is how you will get the same Jeans at Nu. 500.

So basically, online shopping sites directly deal with the Factory and do not involve many mediums who keeps the profit and adds to the product.

2. Don’t have to hire Salesperson

Online shopping stores are operated by few people or sometimes by a single person. They don’t have to spend extra money on hiring the upfront receptionist, customer care or salesperson. Therefore they can cut down the price lower than the open market.

3. Runs from a small room or a warehouse

Rents for shop and house is accelerating. Each year it is becoming more expensive.

What do you think? From where the shop keepers will manage to pay the rents? Obviously, they will add extra on the items you buy from the market.

On the other way round, online shops and store are based in a small room or a warehouse in the remote village, where the room and shop rents are much cheaper. With that, they can lower the price on the items they sell online.

4. Have more customers

Picture it.

Ap Dorji has a shop in Thimphu. He gets 50 customers a day. From which he is able to manage Nu. 100 profit from each customer. So in total, he gets Nu. 5000 profit.

Whereas online shop is accessible around the world.

Millions of items are shipped from Aliexpress and according to their data, each shop sells around 5000 items each day.

Even if they keep Nu. 1 profit from each sale he gets Nu. 5000 profit day. So they can easily lower the item’s price Nu. 99 less.

That’s one of the beauties of online shopping and how they are able to manage more profit in lower price.

5. Operates 24*7 and 365 days

Until and unless the internet gets down or online shop’s database is hacked, the online shops remain open 24 hours a day and 364 days a year.

They need to write a short description about the item, post pictures and publish for sale online. Whereas in the market, for each new customers, the description of the item should be explained again and again.

Moreover, the shops in markets remain open only for 12-14 hours a day. Which means less working hours and lesser the chances of getting more profit. So definitely, they will increase the price of the item to make more profit. Which impacts the price of the item you buy from the local shop.


With the five reasons mentioned above on why the online shopping is cheaper, I hope it has benefited you to realize it and why we should not think that shopping online is a spammy or duplicate item.

We need to take advantage instead and save money by spending less money on the items you buy.