The untold story of chewing Betel Nuts (Doma Khamtog)

The untold story of chewing Betel Nuts (Doma Khamtog)

Do you chew Betel Nuts and lime, wrapped with a Betel Leaf?

If you are from South East Asian like me, then probably you must be. Especially in a country like Bhutan, chewing Betel Nuts, commonly known as Doma Khamtog is very much popular.

Anyway, this isn’t my point today.

As usual, I was chit chatting and sharing Doma Khamtog with my friends after lunch. And suddenly, one of my friends asked, do you know the story about chewing Doma Khamtog?

“Is there even a story on Betel Nuts?” I asked.

“Yes there is,” he said.

And the story he narrated shocked me and I have made up my mind that I am quitting from today. (Well hopefully though, I am so addicted to it).

The story goes like this.

“Long time ago, we use to eat human flesh. It was in the era when evils and demons have ruled and influenced us. In the hunt of human flesh, humans have slaughtered each other and they did not even spare their own children.

The God pitied upon watching us. And he decided to come down on earth with a solution.

Guess what was the solution? It was chewing betel nuts and leaf with a lime.

Betel Nuts to replace Bones.

Betel Leaf to replace flesh and skin.

And lime as a fat of the human body.

Upon chewing all of it together, the red juice is formed and it was to replace the blood. Thus the human slaughter was stopped.” He said.

Are you kidding me? Have I been eating human flesh replacements all the time?

I am not sure, what should I call it? A bad day as I enjoy chewing Doma Khamtog or is it a good day as I can take care of my health.

Yes, that’s right, chewing Betel nuts has been the major cause for oral Cancer in south east Asia. So if you are out there, consuming heavily just like me, you are at the right time to STOP.

Keep in mind that, whenever you chew Doma, you are doing it to calm your desire to eat human flesh.

Stay safe, take good care of your health and no more Chewing Betel Nuts/ Doma Khamtog.