Rain Drops On Flowers, My First Photography Trial

Rain And Flowers

It’s been a long week, finally, I got some rest. So I grabbed my DSLR and put it into work. I was fascinated with the Rain Drops that Gives Sparkle To The Flowers. After all, it’s summer time and everyone is experiencing heavy rainfalls. Including the flowers below.

If you want any of my photographs below, do let me know from the contact page. And yeah, it’s only $1 each, No negotiation, please. 😉

Rain And Flowers Pictures

Flowers with rain

flowers rain

flowers in rain

Beauty of flowers in rain

Sparkle of flowers with rain

Rainy Flowers

Rain on flowers

rain on flower

Rain Flowers

Rain And Flowers

I hope you have enjoyed my photographs. Don’t forget to share. I am an amateur photographer so comments and tips are more welcomed below.