Episode 5 – Prophecy in Dream

Episode 5 Prophecy in Dream

“Hello Miss” we are about to reach. A bus conductor tried to wake up Dechen, but no response. She was dead.

The bus conductor tabbed on her shoulder.

“Hello Miss, Wake up. We are here” louder this time.

Dechen slowly opened her eyes and got frightened from the loud voice. She would have slapped her in fright if she did not realize sooner that she is on a bus towards her home with a mission.

“Oh, sorry! Thanks.” Dechen Responded.

She turned around and saw many strangers staring at her.

“What did I do?” she thought. “Hope I didn’t do anything in my sleep?”

On the other hand, all passengers on the bus took a sigh of relief, she is alive and not dead.

Dechen fell a sleep the entire journey as she hasn’t slept last night. She slept like a dead person the entire journey and everyone would have placed a bet that she was dead.

Dechen stretched her stiff body a bit and looked out the window. It was green and fresh. She opened the window and let the cool breeze touch her face.

Her hair danced with the rhythm of the breeze, and she closed her eyes to listen to the music of nature. The soothing sound of the countryside made her forget that she was going to get married soon and all her dreams gonna be shattered. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly. She then carefully looked outside to enjoy the silent serenity of the countryside paddy fields.

“Wait a minute. Hello Mister.” She called the Bus conductor.

“Where the hell am I? Where are you taking me? Why am I here? HELP HELP” she shouted with fear. All the passengers on the bus stared at her as if they saw a Mental patient.

“You are about to reach Mandula. Please check your ticket.” The bus conductor answered angrily.

She quickly took out her ticket from her red backpack. The conductor was right, “Seat number 7B, To Mandula.”

“Did I ask the wrong ticket? Or did the woman in the counter heard wrong?” She tried to recall the bus terminal in the morning but all she could remember was her sleepy eyes, yawn and getting inside the bus. But she could not remember the ticket she asked for.

She was on the wrong bus towards the wrong direction, Mandula, a place where she has never been to or heard of.

Episode 4 – Prophecy in Dream

Episode 4 Prophecy in Dream

“Bye Dechen, take care and congrats.” And Tshomo left.

Nothing was helping to cheer her up. Every try she made was indeed making her worst.

“Ah…. What should I do?”

“If I don’t act now, it will be too late.” Dechen talked to herself.

“I wish someone can hear me”

But it was only the walls of her room who heard and answered silently.

“I need to do something about it”

She imagined the murder scene again, but instead of Tshomo, it was her fiancee Sonam.

The next moment she was in jail. “Ah, not a good idea.”

Another thought.

“I will tell Dad, that Sonam is a cheater. Maybe I will ask Tshomo to flirt with him and set up a situation of catching him red-handed.”

“But if he finds, we are dead meat.”

Bad idea again.

She could not think of anything further other than banging her head on the silent walls which were listening and answering silently.

“I think I should talk to Dad instead.” She felt better as if it was the cure she was waiting for.

“He is my Dad, after all, he will surely understand me.”

She thought there is no harm in trying and would make her feel better rather than living in regrets for decades.

Dechen decided to visit her Dad personally. “It will be difficult to convince over phone”

She quickly took a shower which made her even better but kept on praying and wishing to god. “Please say Okay, Dad.”

After few minutes she was out on the streets towards the bus station which was few steps away from her apartment.

Her hair was still wet and she was wearing a woolen brown sweater with faded blue jeans which matched with her eyes. As usual, she carried her regular red backpack which carries all her necessary tools that keeps her beautiful.

She walked faster than her normal speed and reached the bus station.

She bought a ticket and was finally on the way home.

Usually, she feels an excitement and happy but it was different this time, it was a mixture of happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, and worries.

She was on the way to meet dad, and tell him that she is not going to marry.

To tell him to cancel all the wedding preparations and to tell him that half-completed preparations for the wedding are wasted.

Finally to let her Dad go through the pain and shatter the dream of her daughter getting married, and to make him realize that her dreams are important than her Dad.

She knew she is going to hurt her dad and decided to cancel the whole idea of going home to meet dad.

“I think that is a bad idea as well.” She thought and wanted to go back to her apartment but the bus was already on its way.

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Episode 3 – Prophecy in Dream

Episode 3



Her door buzzer buzzed.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Tshomo.”

Dechen painted her face with her beautiful smile. But it was like painting gold on a rusted metal.

“What took you so long?” Tshomo asked. Dechen sensed an excitement in Tshomo’s face.

“Oh sorry! I fell asleep.” Dechen made an excuse.

“Never mind. Congratulations, you are getting married.”

Next moment, Tshomo was lying on the floor with a nosebleed. Dechen punched her on the nose. Then she dragged her to the kitchen by holding Tshomo’s hair. Picked up a 15 CM long, black-handled knife and stabbed Tshomo 10 times on her back. Tshomo was there on the floor heavily bleeding and dead.

“Hello, are you listening to me?” Tshomo asked.

“Yes, I am. Thanks”

“Uhhhh…. So cute. Are you dreaming of him already?”

“No, I am dreaming of you on the kitchen floor with the knife at your back.” Dechen wished she said that.

“No way” Instead Dechen pretended to be shy.

“Soooooooo cuteeeeeee, you guys are going to be great.”

She added the bonus, ten more stabs on her back. The Kitchen floor became bloody red and wet. Tommy, Dechen’s cat, was licking the blood on the floor and enjoying the taste of Blood.

“Not again” Dechen quickly switched back to reality from her deadly murder imagination.

“Did you tell him about your plan?” Tshomo asked Dechen shakily as if she has known about the murder imagination.

Dechen had completely forgotten about the plan.

“Nope, I forgot,” Dechen answered.

“Will he listen to you? Will he let you go with your plan?” Tshomo was still shaky.

“I don’t know, what’s the point after all? I am getting married next month, and it won’t be possible at all to go with my plan. Forget about the plan; I won’t be even able to work and let my dream come true.”

Tshomo finally felt the pain Dechen was going through inside.

“You should at least try. He might understand.”

“He won’t for sure. He will have other plans. To have kids, build a house, settle down.”

“That’s bad.” Tshomo felt sorry for Dechen.

“Did you come here to remind me about my plan? To make me sadder?” Dechen said silently in her mind.

Her dream, and now her plan will never come to reality.

“Did you see him? Your dad’s choice is not bad huh!” Tshomo tried to tease and cheer Dechen.

“I don’t want to see him. I haven’t even talked. I just exchanged some messages.”

“What? Are you kidding me? You are getting married next month, and you haven’t talked with him. It is like marrying to a stranger.” Tshomo was worried for Dechen.

Episode 2 – Prophecy in Dream

Episode 2

Forcing her to sleep made her more awake. She could not think of anything else but the ceremony next month that is going to ruin her dream.

“Should I drink a cup of coffee?”

“No, No… Coffee will make me stay awake” She was in Dilemma whether to drink coffee or take a nap to get rid of her burning pain.

Black coffee was her favorite drink in college. It made her stay awake so that she can study more. It made her do better in exams and finally get a job she aimed for.

So whenever she felt low, black coffee always managed to cheer her up. But not this time. She did not even have the mood for coffee for the first time.

“Why am I not having the coffee mood today? Has my life already changed? Has my dream started to shatter? Does it mean my dream will be just a dream?”

Dechen was a hard-working student. She dedicated her life fully to her studies.

When her roommates were out on a date, she dated with the biggest book in the library.

When her friends drank Vodka, she drank coffee.

She sat quietly in the night library when her best friend was screaming and banging her head with the loud music in a club.

No fun at all if she were an ordinary person. But she was an extraordinary person.

Reading the largest book in the library was fun for her, being alone in a quiet place was fun, drinking coffee was fun, getting excellent in all the exams was fun and getting a decent job was fun at the end.

She works as a marketing officer in one of the biggest IT company in the country.

Anyone of her age would be satisfied with the position she holds in that company, but she was not. She wanted to grow and get promoted soon. She wanted to work hard, fully dedicate and concentrate on her work so that her dream of becoming the Chief Marketing Officer gets fulfilled within a year.

But she is going to get married next month.

“My responsibilities at home will be increased. I will have more work at home. I won’t be able to do office work at home. I won’t be able to concentrate on my work. Unexpected changes in my life will surely impact my dream, and I will never be promoted as chief marketing officer.”

She could not take a nap. She turned to the left and then to the right but no sleep.

“Congratulations Ms. Dechen, you have been promoted to a Chief Marketing Officer.”

“Ms. Dechen you have a meeting with CEO on your new marketing ideas.”

“Brillant Dechen, great presentation and your strategy will surely improve the company’s sale.”

“Round of applause everyone, for our new Chief.”

She tried to dream her dream but an image of her marriage next month always interrupted.

“I will never have my dream come true,” She thought.

Episode 1 – Prophecy in Dream

Episode 1 – Prophecy in Dream

Dechen rushed towards her home after her Office as if she had a flight to catch from her room.

She could not believe that she is going to get married next month.

Still, in her brown office trousers and light blue shirt, she locked herself in her bathroom to cry out the uneasy feelings of her marriage.

Her beautiful smile which sparks everyone was hiding today.

“Everything is in a dream. I just have to wake up” she said to herself and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

She then closed her eyes and splashed the chilling water on her face to wake up from her nightmare.

The cold water on her light brown face activated her facial nerves.

She slowly opened her eyes with the thought she is finally awake from a miserable dream.

Instead, she got reminded with a fully aroused mind that she is going to get married next month.

She could not tolerate anymore and broke down into tears.

“I am not ready right now, why don’t they understand me? Why do they want me to be in hell when I am living?” She cursed her parents.

She was born to a middle-class family. Her Dad, Pema ensured they get everything they need. Nutritious food, new clothes every holiday, a blanket to stay warm on cold nights, a roof to live under it.

He worked hard every day to raise enough money so that his family lives happily and healthily.

“We are a proud family, Dechen” her Dad reminded her every day.

“Proud family, proud family” her Dad’s voice echoed in her ears.

She was still looking at her sad face in the mirror.

She turned around and imagined someone, sharing her towels, comb, slippers, kitchen, bathroom, and her bed. Waiting for someone to drink tea and to eat dinner together. And living with a man.

“How can I manage that?”

Dechen could not resist the feeling of a life living with a man. She just likes to be alone and independent.

“Dad, I know you have been working hard for our family and you gave me everything that I needed. But getting married next month is not what I expected at the moment.”

“I jus…. Just…. Just don’t want to get married that soon. I am only 23 and I have so much to do” she covered her face in tears once again.

“I need a nap”

She walked out of the bathroom towards her bed. Her feet were trembling and was feeling tipsy with a heavy heart.

She was drunk with the pain from unexceptional changes in life that she is going to face soon.

With the tears in her eyes and pain in her heart, she got inside the bed and wished to never wake up again.

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