Why WeChat is more popular than WhatsApp in Bhutan?

Why WeChat is more popular than WhatsApp in Bhutan

I hate it when someone asks me to send it over WeChat. And even more, hate, when they react sarcastically when I say I don’t use WeChat. They kinda take it as a backward person for not using WeChat. So I was left with no options rather use it, as even officials works are done in WeChat.

There are other similar apps, like WhatsApp, but why WeChat?

This question was with me for last few months and was researching on it. And below are what I have found.

1. Easy User Interface

The User Interface of WeChat is very simple. Even an uneducated can figure out. The features are all labeled with the images so that those who cannot read can use it by looking at the pictures.

No wonder, even an uneducated farmers are in a queue to activate 3G / 4G.

2. Works in slow network

Man, that’s the best part. Especially, in Bhutan where the networks are poor.

WeChat works well even in 2G connection, so you don’t have to be in 3G area to use WeChat. You can use whether you stay in remote areas of Bhutan, on the mountains and in the deep forest.

3. Use lesser Data packages

If you have been using WeChat for some time, you must have already noticed, the data usage is low. It consumes extremely low data packages, so you don’t have to recharge your Data plan again and again.

4. Moments

Who does not like Facebook’s features?

Some of the features of Facebook like uploading images, updating status, like and commenting the updated status, WeChat has is too. And it is called Moments. These extra features add a reason for someone to use it.

Just like in Facebook, you can keep track on what your friends and family are up to.

5. Cheaper than text message and voice call

How much does it cost to send a text message and make a voice call?

Expensive than in WeChat right? So by using WeChat, you can make a huge saving by using the free messages and voice messages.

6. Leave voice message

In Bhutan, there are no facilities to leave a voice message like in other countries. But WeChat is a great help. If the other side isn’t available to pick up your call, you can leave a voice message.


You have read all the advantages but I am not forcing you to use it. And it is purely my suggestion and my feelings. So if anything happened by using WeChat, it is not my responsibility for it. You take care of all your decisions.

So happy WeChatting!